Friday, May 30, 2008

Erich Winstone Play's 007

well having a bit of a look at the ol net like, I found this illuminating comment about this album I Quote:


During the 1970s Eric recorded various LPs for the Avenue International label, some of which included arrangements and compositions by composers who worked for the Amphonic library. His Eric Winstone Plays 007 LP from 1973 was co-produced and co-arranged by Syd Dale. Eric co-wrote Opus 88 that was included on the first Amphonic library LP, also composing for the Conroy and Francis Day and Hunter recorded music libraries. Eric died in 1974.

Comments: Eric co-wrote The Man With The Golden Gun with Syd Dale to showcase how they thought the theme for this particular Bond film should sound. Syd re-recorded it and released it again a year later on the Amphonic Super Sounds Unlimited LP. A driving, funky bass line played in unison with a Fender Rhodes piano and distorted electric guitar combines with drums that play an unusual pattern. This creates a throbbing rhythmic basis for the searing melody played by the trumpet section. The dramatic arrangement is complimented by the inclusion of John Barry-style staccato brass phrases, instantly recognisable from so many of his Bond scores. "

Thats from vinylvulture and it sums up the album for me, Great bond themes brilliantly played.

I had the album on Cassette (with a new cover and extra tracks) for many a year and have played the absolute oxide out of it. and then like out of a weird dream I found a mint LP in a Radio station I was working at 10 years ago played on my all new preamp the sound sparkles !!

again minimal work on this as it was basically a mint LP (kind of!)
Encoded at 320 (FLACS could be arranged!)

I have also recorded the "newer" (6 extra tracks not on the lp) songs from the cassete version and will upload them if people want to hear em.

01 - Eric Winstone - James Bond Theme
02 - Eric Winstone - From Russia With Love
03 - Eric Winstone - Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
04 - Eric Winstone - Goldfinger
05 - Eric Winstone - Diamonds Are Forever
06 - Eric Winstone - Mango Tree
07 - Eric Winstone - The Man With The Golden Gun
08 - Eric Winstone - Thunderball
09 - Eric Winstone - You Only Live Twice
10 - Eric Winstone - Do You Know How Xmas Trees Grow
11 - Eric Winstone - Live And Let Die
12 - Eric Winstone - James Bond Theme (Reprise)


As this is my first attemp at the ol rapidsharing let me know if the links really work please!


Luis said...

Please, add the six bonus tracks!

Very good restorations in the 78's. The TMNR have decent sound after all, but I prefer the GOOD option. FAKE STEREO are really good and well processed, but I have the same problem with the Robert Parker CDs... they sound too good to be true! It's like a Charlie Chaplin early film in bright technicolor!

Greetings from Argentina

Paul Austin Kelly said...

Hi! I'm very much enjoying listening to this LP of Winstone playing Bond. Your transfer is impeccable as are the 78 restorations that I've downloaded, a couple of the Fats and Three Suns, the latter I was unfamiliar with. I have a similar problem as your earlier poster with the Fake Stereo, great as it sounds––it's all perception, isn't it? What the brain expects to hear, etc. Anyway, just want to say keep up the great work! A few of us out here are really getting a lot of enjoyment out of your efforts and understand just how much work is involved. Best wishes in finding that elusive job. Cheers! P

Ade42 said...

Thasks.. the Winstone album (and cassete with more tracks) is a Fav of mine!.
The fake stereo is half perception and half a Frequency Bandshift.. if you fiddle with the contols you can get say a limited frequency out one or the other "sides"
if you wear headphones on some. again not all work that well and in fact I dont really like em, but loads of people keep requsting I keep up with the "Fake Stereos"
so if you wear headphones you can really hear some intrements in Kinda True stereo. there's a Wilbur Kentwell that on one chord he plays with his left had is panned extreme right (or left) just that one chord, if you wear head phone you could be convinced it's "true" (but rather primiative) stereo.. a layer of light reverb hides some imperfections in this new "field" ive been playing with.
on some tracks i can isolate a trombone riff and get that and only that "riff" to be out only one channel while the rest of the band sits centure. that's about as "real" as i can get. so yes some perception but sometimes Real panning.!

Thanks for your comments.
It's really appreciated

Ade Gregg

Budd said...

I have just discovered your excellent blog! The link is dead. Is there any chance of a reup if possible? Cheers!