Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tommy Dorsey - Blue Moon

Wow this one is HOT !!
Tommy's band is in excellent form on this Arrangement.. and how i love the "call and response" style
Think of Marie and you'll get it. the band "sings" their response out and yes they are all song titles. how cool.
again Ive not found this on cd at all. although i did hear someones "job" of cleaning it up on another blog and yep it sounded like you had your head in a bucket of warm custard while the disc was being played in another room!!

Enjoy.. again 3 versions 2 different restorations and a fake Stereo one

sorry no Scan with this one.. as the discs is in storage and I'm cleaning 100 odd gigs of transfers some don't have "photo's" Of the Labels. OH it was on a Aussie HMV disc!


TD - Blue Moon MP3

TD - Blue Moon FLAC


Anonymous said...

You posted the wrong link. It brings you to a download for Tex Beneke - Swing Low.

Ade42 said...

Sorry, I've fixed it up now!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,
What program do you use to open .rar files. Are they something like .zip files?

Noel :)