Saturday, May 31, 2008

V-Disc 832B

Here's Some Swinging Tunes from San Donahue and Chris Griffin (no not the Family Guy One!!)

A word About VDiscs .
They were Vinyl 12 Inch 78 course groove (like a 78) with about 5 and a half Min's playing time on each side.
as you could imagine they were made to send to the troops where ever they were, and so were played with steel needles and the like making a lot of them unplayable today. not only that the army destroyed 90% after the war fearing that the records would get out into the public. and with no real copyright on them that was a big scare for the armed forces.
most of them i have play pretty badly they sound like a lp that had been played about 20000 times and then run over with a steamroller, buried in soft peat for a year, and then had a clean with some sandpaper!!!..
But some interesting item appear on them as a whole. ok a lot were the Commercial 78 re-pressed on VDisc but a lot of the material was taken from Air-checks and the like.
so here is one side of a Vdisc. Check out the cool sounds of Chris Griffin years before Miles Davis and boppin with ease. or the swingariffic arrangement of Cocktails For Two.

There is some surface noise and clicks still present but taking them out would have taken a while and Automated would have Ruined the "sound"


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