Saturday, May 31, 2008

George Trevare - Jungle Jive

Here's A Real Rarity an Australian big band of the 40's and my how they Swing!!

of course if you listen closly to the Arrangement George is quoting many of the popular tunes of the day. Can you pick any out?

Recorded on the Zegal Zonophone Label, I'd say this is mid to late 40's by the sound of the band and the "sound" of the recording.

Again 3 versions one "best" and One with "too much NR" and a dodgy "fake Stereo" one!

I have a few more George Trevare discs to up as well as his "Sothern Cross Seven" Combo


George Trevare - Jungle Jive MP3
George Trevare - Jungle Jive FLAC


Anonymous said...

Hot record! Thanks a lot for sharing your excellent "tunes"!. Came over here from Anyswing to check your site out. Good work & highly appreciated, keep it up. - mr.jibe

Anonymous said...

Hi, hadn't heard this before, only Trevare's "Back to Croajingalong" which was reissued on LP years ago. You might be interested that Jack Mitchell's "Australian Jazz on Record" dates "Jungle Jive" as Jan. 11, 1945 and gives the full personnel. Interestingly there is only one reed player, doubling tenor and clarinet and there is a string section of two violins and a cello. Would love to hear more of these.

Ade42 said...

Thanks mate for the Info. Im upping a FLAC version whic will apper below the current mp3 version and ive included some of your comments in the NFO.
Blimey i thought the string section sounded wierd!!

I have a few Geroreg Trevene Southern cross 78's as well

Anonymous said...

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