Friday, June 6, 2008

Artie Shaw - Cross Your Heart

Some of the best and most innovative music to come from the Artie Show outfit were the Gramcery 5 sessions which started in 1940, Bands were going though a "band within a band" phase so naturally Artie had his own.

I really love the recording of Cross Your Heart, but all the transfers that I've ever heard have been "Stock standard" mid 50's RCA transfers with loads of reverb/slapback. which i hate!
I've always wanted to hear a Clean version of this one and was surprised when A reader to this blog lent me his 78 of it. its a well worn disc but i think you will agree that there's more "Top end" in this than any transfer about. the whole arrangement is now so stark and contemporary without the awful reverb, It's like another Tune!!

It Was Recorded on the 3rd Of September 1940

Artie Shaw - Cross Your Heart MP3 Version
Artie Shaw - Cross Your Heart FLAC Version

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Anonymous said...

I have an Artie Shaw & Gramercy Five EP (2 x 45rpm 7" vinyl) with Cross your heart, The Grabtown grapple, The Sad Sack, My Blue Heaven, When the Quail come back to San Quentin+ other songs catalogue number EPB-1241. This versions has "not for sale, for demonstration only stamped on tghe cover and the vinyl seems in good condition. Is it a collectors item do you think?