Friday, June 6, 2008

Charlie Barnett - Rockin In Rhythm (Ellington) HMV OA051532

Charlie Barnett again and his Arragnment of Duke Ellington's Rockin In Rhythm

Not bad Not bad at all. on the B side there is another Duke number Merry Go Round. Which ill get on here at some point

Charlie Barnett - Rockin In Rhythm MP3

Charlie Barnett - Rockin In Rhythm FLAC


Anonymous said...

It might be a very nice job...
But mp3 ???
Whats the point of a state of the art restoration if it is converted to a lossy format?

Luis said...

Your restorations are great and much appreciated as always. Any chance you could post them in FLAC or APE?

Ade42 said...

Yep Flacs of everything on the way.

Ive just started upping the lot as flac and now there will be two versions Mp3 at 320 and a Flac RAR !!