Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Charlie Barnett - Southern Fried

Does Mr Barnett Swing|? Oh yes he does. I was shocked this wasn't a hit for his band as it has all the elements that other band would have had a NO. 1 with this one.

A rather beaten up 78 but with a little love it shines like new again, I used to use this as a theme for one of my swing radio shows 10 years ago!! but then i had rather primitive "Restoration" devices.
I found a rather poor transfer of this on the net also.. paid for by the McGill university. Its a really bad transfer.. the fools don't know what they are doing.. and yet get funding to do this !.. mine i did myself and it cost zilch.. Take a look at what the American Government payed someone to do.. Southern Fried

and then listen to mine who does this for free. (but would like to get the chance to have a job )

Charlie Barnett - Southern Fried MP3

Charlie Barnett - Southern Fried FLAC


Nathan said...

McGill U's in Montreal. Somehow, it's more understandable when a botchjob is funded by the Canadian Government... :)

Ade42 said...

sorry about the US bit, I had no idea where they were based. but if you listen to Thier transfer its very much like what i had to start with!! only a tad better.

Luis said...

Your work is very impressive and much appreciated. I myself am also tired of hearing horrible transfers and am sick and tired of the loudness wars. Why must old music be dead quiet?

Anyway, I'm enjoying your work very much, especially the FLAC files over at the green devil.


philmelody@gmail.com said...

Hi! I'm from the Philippines. Do you have Philippine recordings from the 1940's or earlier? The Philippines was under the American flag from 1899 to 1945 and the Americans greatly influenced the music of the Filipinos.

Ade42 said...

No, Sorry I dont have any 78's from the Philippines, I'm from australia Myself and any examples of thier music has sadly not crossed my hands!

Anonymous said...