Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fats Waller - Swinga-Dilla Street Regal Zonophone

Hear Fats on the Hammond!

This is one of my Fav Waller 78's, just have a listen to his left hand blurt out passages every now and then which sound just divine!! very contemporary for the 30's.
Ive restored this one many times trying to get it Just right Let me know if it worked!

He is backed of course by his Rhythm, Does anyone know if he recorded anything like this again?, I have 100's of fats Transferred from 78 (and most of em very clean discs) but It don't get much swinger than this!

The stereo version is nice on this one.

Again a quick restoration all done in under 30 seconds.
and the usual 3 versions of each plus a high quality pic of the Label

Fats Waller - Swinga-Dilla Street Mp3

Fats Waller - Swinga-Dilla Street FLAC


Tony said...


Anonymous said...

Can you tell us how you were able to find stereo recording of Waller playing the organ? From the book about Waller written in part by his son, it is reported that Waller did little recording with the Organ after 1935. Given the experimental development of Stereo recording technologies, would the Waller piece come originally from a session where he sound was recorded on film? If so, does footage exist of a session with Waller playing Organ... Curious in Berlin

Ade42 said...

No i made the stereo from the mono 78 by a prosess i stumbled upon. that's why i call em fake stereo in the filenames!

Ade42 said...

I've always wanted to create a "stereo" mix from a mono 78 and have had several "goes" at it over the past 20 years. and then i found a way to do it just by pure accident. I only spent a short time on this and the other stereo versions. Imagine what I could do for real !!

Anonymous said...

could you make this available again, rapidshare removed it due to inactivity... one of my favorite songs by Fats, would like to see you're work