Sunday, June 1, 2008

Studies In Swing No. 3 - Nat Gonella - When You're Smiling Parlophone A6462

Studies In Swing No. 3
When Your Smiling (Fisher-Goodwin-Shay)
Nat Gonella
Recorded under the direction of George Scott-Wood
Cecil Norman - Piano
Albert Harris - Guitar
Jock Jacobson - Drums
Dick Escott - Bass

Parlophone - A6462
Matrix No. - CE7489 and CE7474
Australian Pressing on Purple Parlophone Label

Transferred Using a Truncated Eliptical Stylus which was a 2.5 Side 2 was using a 3.3.

Here's A real treat a 78 in REAL stereo ! what you may say ok ok there are some Duke Ellington recordings in stereo from'33 and a few odd's and sod's from other outfits namely the Glenn Miller Film soundtracks which were found to be recorded on 35mm magnetic film and recorded in "sections" so they could be mixed in the standard mono for the film. these were remixed in the 90's in a pretty convincing stereo sound and also used on the Home Video releases.

This is like those Miller tracks, one 78 and 2 versions of the same song, side one has the band plus Nat blowing his horn and side two just has the band minus Nat's solo.
so what i did was to put the two side of the disc into my fav multi track program, do a bit of panning and timing and voila a real stereo song from the late 30's (could be early 40's too)
and the band was pretty tight too, the "backing" track was only half a second longer which i did a bit of "time shifting" to correct.

I also have Swing studies No. 2 with Freddy Gardner playing Japanese Sandman which I'll work on a bit later providing anyone cares.

Transferred and Restored By Adrian Gregg In May 2008 in under 10 mins for Transferring and restoration. the stereo "MIX" took a bit longer! as I do these for love and not for $ I only spent a brief time working the stereo out It could be MUCH better with a little work.

Again we have 3 versions
1 GOOD version (my preferred restoration)
2 TMNR overkill on the cleaning for those who hate surface noise
3 REAL STEREO there are 2 versions of this a straight mix and one with a little reverb on the Trumpet Solo

Nat Gonella - When You're Smiling


Josem El Manisero said...


I'm collector for the song "The Peanut Vendor" (El Manisero), then my list is 500 versions long now.

I read in some blog that Nat Gonella have a version for this song, Do you have notice about?

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Ade, Yes, yes, yes, more of this series if you have tracked them down. When I was a kid a neighbour had this set and I uesd to get him to play them for me all the time. Have been searching for them ever since, I'm now 65. Wonderful job on your part, congratulations. Will check back here often. Kerry Brown Tweed Heads N.S.W.

Ade42 said...

Thanks Kerry, I only have one other in the series which is a shame. Im very busy in the Theatre as Pvt Pike in Dad's Army. but ill have some more time soon and the other disc will apper

Roberto Garcia "Musicuba" said...
My colection The peanut vendor , have for Nat Gonella.

Cricketman said...

I have an original Studies in Swing No 1 "Tiger Rag" Parlophone A6460 which came from one of the early Sydney radio stations where my uncle worked as a technician. It is in the original cardboard sleeve and has been untouched for over 60 years.

Cricketman, Sydney